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Pyxis International is a global industrial supplier providing end-to-end customized solutions for the modernization, expansion and conversion of LNG, CNG, LCNG, LPG and Hydrogen at your facility.

We partner with our customers, focusing on improvements that generate energy savings and reduce environmental impact.

At Pyxis International, we proudly serve clients from a diverse range of sectors, catering to their unique energy needs. Our esteemed clientele includes businesses operating in sectors such as hotels, mines, paper factories, asphalt plants, food industries, plastic factories, and many more.

We understand that each industry has its own specific energy requirements and challenges. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions designed to meet the demands of various sectors. Whether you require efficient energy solutions for heating, cooling, power generation, or fuel supply, we have the expertise and products to support your operations.



We support our customers through various phases of their projects from start to finish, including design, fabrication, installation, assembly, maintenance, and logistical aspects such as transportation and more.


In recent years, we have also expanded our range of products to include LPG and Hydrogen, using our experience to guide our clients in those fields.

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