Corporate overview

Pyxis International is a global industrial supplier offering end-to-end customized solutions for the modernization, expansion and conversion to LNG infrastructure. 


We partner with our customers focusing on improvements that generates energy savings and reduces their environmental impact.


Over 15 years of experience...


We support our customers trough several aspect of the project, from the design, fabrication, installation, assembly, maintenance and logistical aspect such as  transport, customs etc.



Pyxis International supplies equipment, plants and systems for the modernization, expansion and conversion of LNG & CNG infrastructure.


Financial efficiency and green house gas reduction are common targets for every companies, but how it will be achieve is unique to each of them.


This is why at Pyxis we strive at offering a very unique and customized solutions to our customers.  We conduct detailed analysis about the requirements, tasks, constraints, etc.


We ensure success by creating a highly collaborative approach with our customers and partners leading the realization of a common vision.



  • LNG Mobile Station
  • LCNG Station
  • CNG Station
  • Paper Factory 
  • Mines












 Office : (514) 296-2341

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Email :




2046-1 Chemin du Village 

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec,

Canada, J8E 1K4



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